I'm still here

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been getting over the flu. I spent Sunday to Tuesday aching like crazy and Wednesday curled up on the couch the whole day. My fever final broke today but now my nose is running and I think my voice is going. Pretty much I'm a mess, but I can function. I've had enough energy sproatically to check some of my usual blogs, but not all. Sorry if I missed you. Some items of note (in no particular order):

Tonight was my older son's first school concert. He was in the 3rd grade recorder band. The kids sounded wonderful. I got it all on tape for posterity (and to embarass his girlfriends when he's a teenager. Wait til I break out his naked butt pictures in the tub from age 3). He was quite proud of himself. He's turning into quite the musician. He's considering playing sax next year, though I think he should take up drums. Interestingly enough, without any prompting from me, he's considering the same musical path I took: recorder in 3rd grade, sax from 4th to 10th. It was in high school I picked up a guitar, and the rest, as they say, is history. However, he's a natural at the drums. He was picking it up at 18 months when my band was set up in our basement so I'm going to encourage him to try it out. We shall see.

Many kudos to the Wife for acting as Mom and Dad the last few days. She's had to carry the load while I've been down for the count. Good thing I'm better now, however. She made lunches for everyone last night (my usual job) and out of sheer tiredness, forgot to put the sandwhiches in the fridge. Since they'd been out all night, they couldn't be consumed. I found this out when I heard her screaming this morning and throwing things around. She gets like that sometimes. It's kind of amusing after the fact, but my little lady was not having a good morning today. I made lunches tonight and they are indeed in the fridge.

I discovered again what a wasteland daytime TV is. As I lie on the couch yesterday morning, drifting in and out of sleep, I overheard snippets of the Tony Danza show, the Ellen Show, and The View. The reason I only caught snippets is they all lulled be instantly back to sleep. Good when you're sick, but not if you really wanted to watch anything in the morning.

My brain has been pretty clear today. I've been walking in a fog since sometime Sunday night and barely been able to think straight. However, I think I've taxed my poor gray matter about all it will take today. In about a half hour, I'm going to load my body up with over the counter medications recommended by my doctor and then hopefully fall blissfully into sleep. I haven't gotten a decent nights sleep since Saturday so it would be nice for a change.

Now all of you out there be good or I'll find you, kiss you on the lips, and give you my germs. Guys too! I'm not kidding!


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