Today's readings were about dicipleship and following Jesus.  That really resonated with me given my struggle to discern which direction my music ministry should take.  However, I think today the answer broke through.  I've been thinking on how to use music to evanalize and some great inspirations came to me.  I met this evening with our music director and wanted to let him know I thought we were on the wrong track on some of the musical elements for our Masses.  To my surprise, he agreed with me.  We had very similar attitudes towards music ministry and liturgy.

I beleive I have a good idea now what the Lord is asking of me.  I need to share my inspirations and ideas with the band and see what they think.  I pray they see things the way I do.  There's a lot of hurt and frustration within the band right now for many reasons.  I think we need a vision and a purpose to bring us together and move us towards the next thing the Lord is asking of us.  I'll continue to pray for guidance and that the Lord show us His will.


Jude said…
Good luck Vince, I hope it all comes together in the best way for you.
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks. We shall see.

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