Today's readings were about being called by God to dicipleship.  That theme and how I can serve have been on my mind a lot lately.  They were very timely and helped me to continue to focus on ministry.  After meeting with the band Friday, we all agree on the need to broaden our ministry and do more than just playing at Mass.  I was relieved that we were all in agreement as I wasn't sure where some of the other band members were in their thinking.  Now that we've agreed, the real work begins.

I continue to pray for the leadership at our parish.  We pray for leaders each week but it was especially in my mind today.  We need strong SERVANT leadership in our parish and I'm not sure we have it.  During his homily, our priest stated we must be diciples using the example of our lives.  That really resonated with me so I just need to keep leading by example.


Jude said…
Glad to hear the band is all on the same page!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks! Looking forward to doing bigger and better things with our ministry!

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