My thoughts are still on the situation at Church with the band and our music ministry.  But while working out, I began to reflect on everything going on at our parish right now.  How some people no longer feel welcome at our parish.  How Mass seems to be seperating me from God instead of bringing me closer.  How our parish leader seems to be divisive instead of unifying.  The thought entered my mind that perhaps I should talk to him about it.

Then I opened my Bible at lunchtime to the beginning of Paul's letter to the Romans.  It starts out with Paul's greeting to the Romans.  His first statement was that he was a slave of Jesus, called upon to be an Apostle and set apart for the Gospel.  That spoke to me for some reason.  That and the line where Paul gives thanks for all of the people he's addressing.  I prayed that Jesus reveals His will to me.  Do my reflections from earlier and that reading go together?  Is the reading an answer to my previous question?

I'll need to pray on it more in Church.  It really is the only place suitable for that sort of prayer.  I plan on stopping after work.  It did occur to me that I need to start praying for those people in my life that don't bring me peace.  It's easy to pray for those that you like.  Not so easy to pray for those that you don't.


Jude said…
You're so right Vince, it's so much easier to pray for those that we "like".... but it is not only possible, I think it's a great life lesson to pray for those who bring friction into our lives. I learned a long time ago that if someone gives me friction, if I send it back to them with love and prayer it often changes the situation.
sydwynd said…
Jude: I've also found if you're nice to people that don't like you it makes them crazy. Not that it's the reason I'm nice. :)

I'm reading a book that challenged us to pray for those that persecute us. The example used was what if, during the Mass when we pray for people, we have an intention to pray for Osama Bin Laden? That's what Jesus called us to do but could you imagine the uproar?
Jude said…
I have no problem praying for people like Bin Laden, Hitler or anyone else.... doing so does no harm to me and can only do "some" sort of good, but I see what you mean by an uproar!

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