I began praying the Rosary on Monday night.  It's something I haven't done often but seemed the right thing to do while I was away from home.  It is a very meditative practice.  I think I'll continue to do so, though perhaps not every day.  With Lent coming up soon, that may be a good opportunity to begin some new habits.

A co-worker of Ellen's passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer.  He was very young.  He was lucky enough to see his new granddaughter, but that was it.  Ellen and I are praying for his family as he was a good guy.

While coming back from dinner last night, my co-worker and I were approached by a woman giving us a big story about being in town for chemo and not having money or a car and not being able to afford cab fare to get home and could be spare a little money for some food or a bus ride and she's not a drug addict etc etc.  I've heard this before.  So I gave her a couple of dollars and my coworker gave her the leftovers from his meal.  I didn't really beleive her story but it didn't really matter.  Someone was in need and hopefully we provided them something.  At a minimum she got some food and hopefully a few dollars to get a warm beverage.  If her story was true, I hope she made it home ok or at least found someplace warm to stay.


Jude said…
We get those stories here from people on the streets too Vince, and if I have some change on me I always give it as I feel "what if"..... and it never fails I feel but for the Grace of God go I.....

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