Romans 9:17 - For the scripture says to Pharaoh, "This is why I have raised you up, to show my power through you that my name may be proclaimed throughout the earth."

This verse really struck me today.  With all my internal struggles on what my and the band's ministry should be, I think this is one of the answers.  Why are we here?  To show, through the example of our lives, that Jesus is Lord and that faith in Him and following His ways are the only path to life and happiness.  The band meets tonight to talk about our future.  Hopefully the Spirit will be with me to properly express my thoughts on our ministry.

Although I've read Romans many times, I beleive I finally understand what Paul was saying concerning the Jewish law and how one cannot be justified by it.  It always seemed on the one hand he was saying the Law was divinely inspired and therefore from God, but on the other hand saying no one could be saved by following the Law.  This seemed contradictory.  However, I beleive Paul was saying that too many people were just following "the rules" and not living by faith.  As if just following the rules was your ticket into heaven.  I see a lot of that even today in the Catholic Church.  Following the rules is far more important.  However, following the rules based on a deep seated faith will save you.  Because you follow the rules to please God, not to keep score.  It makes much more sense now.


Jude said…
That makes sense to me too. Too many people just "go through the motions" but don't really live their lives within their personal faith and beliefs. It's the actions and intent in a person's life that mean something.

You're doing okay my friend. :-)

I hope that band meeting went well!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks. I keep trying. Like Peter, if you fall down, you get back up again and God does great things with you and for you.

Meeting went really well! We're all on the same page now. AND, we spent hours talking, eating, and laughing. It was a blast!

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