One of my bandmates is fond of saying if you have a decision to make, pray about it for 3 days first.  It's probably good advice for just about any situation.  I've been praying for guidance on my music ministry and the direction of the band for a few days now (might be 3, might be 2).  Today I had some possible insight to lead me in the right direction.

It's been germinating in my mind that my music ministry is not about me. I've always taken the stance that the music I play is not mine, but God's.  Through the many ups and downs of playing music at my parish, I've consistently said that.  Lately, some of the band is chaffing under the "rules" we live by when playing Mass at our parish.  The most recent thing is playing a Mass with the choir.  Normally, we play one Mass a month.  The thing that riles some of the band is that instead of doing a second Mass that month with the choir and our regular Mass, we're "losing" our Mass.

It occured to me today that perhaps it really doesn't matter if we "lose" a Mass or not.  Are we there for us or to touch the congregation through music?  Perhaps God is giving us an opportunity to touch them in a different way.  I've always said I'll take any opportunity to play music with any group.  I don't understand why the band isn't seeing it this way.  Perhaps God is asking me to lead the way and open up a new (or at least different) way to minister.

I need to pray about it more.  I think it would be beneficial to speak with the head of music ministry to let him know my concerns.  About our group and music ministry in general at our parish.  It seems fewer people are being engaged by the music.  We seem to be going in the wrong direction.  More to pray about and discern.


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