One of the 7 pillars Matthew Kelly mentions in his book is to pray the rosary.  I've been reluctant to do so mostly because I've had a somewhat Protestant view of Mary.  I understand Catholics don't worship Mary but I questioned why I needed someone to intercede with Jesus on my behalf (the same as praying to saints).  I understood in my head why Catholics do it but not in my heart.  Matthew Kelly goes into depth about why vernerating Mary and asking for her intercession is important.

The funny thing is, I've been kind of moving in that direction already.  For whatever reason, my attitudes towards Mary have been on my mind as I pray and meditate.  Perhaps the Spirit is drawing me closer to a deeper understanding of Mary and her role in our salvation.  I completely get the thought that there's a special bond between mother and child only a mother can understand.  Carrying a person inside of you for 9 months creates a unique bond.  Mary had that bond with Jesus.

I continue to pray about it and ask the Lord for guidance and to show me His will on how to be closer to Him.  I'm still not sure where he's leading me as far as the parish and the band goes, but I trust He'll take me to a place more blessed that I could have imagined as long as I trust in Him.


Jude said…
Ah okay I see what you are talking about with regards to Mary. I kind of have the same thoughts but with Jesus. (remember I'm not Catholic, I was brought up Protestant) I've always felt the need to go straight to God, don't know why it's just how I've always done it. I'm not saying praying to Jesus or Mary or Saints isn't a good thing, it just doesn't seem a good fit for me.

I guess we're all different and that can be a good thing, I feel that whatever works for an individual is what they should do. :-)
sydwynd said…
Jude: I find it interesting that you were brought up Protestant but that you only feel the need to pray to God. Jesus is God as well as Son. Praying to Jesus is the same as praying to God. Or vice versa. The concept of the Trinity is a difficult one but the three persons are all aspects of the same God. So I suppose we're doing the same thing!

Being different is not really a bad thing. I don't subscribe to Catholicism being the "one true faith". It's my faith. Also, "praying" to the saints and to Mary isn't like prayign to God. The best analogy I've read is that it's like emailing a friend to pray for you when you need it. If we beleive Mary and the saints are in Heaven and praise God unceasingly, asking them to pray for you is the same as asking your Facebook friends to do so. Except Mary and the saints have all the time necessary to pray for you.
Jude said…
Yes I think I understand how it works and it makes sense to do so, for some reason I've just always felt I need to go "right to the top" if you know what I mean. I'm weird that way, LOL!

But like you said, we're doing the same thing in the end.... and I believe it is the intent that matters. When we pray for others (or for ourselves) I think our thoughts and intentions are heard where they need to be. I love how it works! :-)

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