I got to pray at Church with Ellen today.  We're trying to take at least 10 minutes every day for prayer, at Church whenever possible.  It really is a great place for it as there are no distractions.  It was a powerful experience kneeling together in silene in prayer.

I read the chapter in Rediscover Catholicism on the Mass.  What really struck me was the statement that Mass is not about the priest, or music, or any of the other things people normally complain about when they talk about the Mass.  It's about worshipping and receiving Jesus.  I've had a lot of issues with the Mass (and the parish) lately.  But am I making it about me and those things that don't matter?  Is it important that the pastoral administrator wears an alb and is on the alter platform with the priest?  Is it importatn that we chant prayers instead of say them?  Is it important that the words of the prayer have changed?

I'll be the first to admit I've been getting less out of Mass lately.  Was I getting complacent and comfortable?  Was it just routine?  I'll need to reflect on that further.  There are some things about the new Roman Missal and our implementation of it that are distracting me from fully experiencing the Mass.  I'm not sure what I can do about that, but I'm going to try and get rid of the distractions.


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