Today in my reflections I was thinking about leadership in the Church and parish.  It ocurred to me that Christopher has a talent for leadership.  I want to put the seed into his head that he should use this talent in some way as a vocation.  I know it's tough for a 15 year old to discern their vocation, but it's not a bad time to start thinking about it.  Or praying about it.

His grandmother always said he should be a priest.  I'm trying to keep that door open to him and let him know it isn't a bad vocation, if that's his calling.  The Church could use a priest like him.  But that's a big decision.  I simply want him open to that call should God be speaking to him in that way.

I was reminded to pray for those that have fallen away for their faith or not discovered it yet.  Of my two siblings, I'm the only one that regularly attends Mass.  I've begun praying for them to discover their faith and the blessings it provides.  I continue to thank the Lord for all the blessings He's given me and for the wisdom and guidance to do His will and not mine.  Which isn't easy.  I'm also still praying for the leadership in our parish.  There are many people in positions of authority but so few that really understand what it is to be a leader.  And, more importantly, a servant leader.


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