Women in my Life, Part Deux

My second real girlfriend, AS, was one of the group of people I hung out with in my sophmore year. She was a junior, so I was dating an older woman! The reason I hung with them is I became friends with a junior I'll call Marcus Aurellius and that was his circle of friends. I'm not sure why exactly I started dating her, other than I found her kind of attractive, needed (or wanted) a girlfriend, and she was willing. In all fairness, I wouldn't have asked her out if I didn't at least find her cute.

AS was an interesting gal. She was a little more punk that many of the girls I'd known. He big thing was she was a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. I mean, she was in the cast at the local theater where it was played. I beleive she played Columbia. (As a side note, the first time I saw Rocky Horror was with the Wife and my best bud Scott. She got a kick out of a man in drag sitting on her lap singing to her.)

Anyway, what I remember most about her is that she had some trust issues. Again, we did some heavy petting, but there was no petting allowed for her below the belt. She told me someone had "forced" her to do some stuff she was uncomfortable with and didn't want to go there. I respected that. What I remember most about the relationship was that she seemed to like me more than I did her. I believe we dated for about 6 months or so. We were dating on my birthday, as she came to my house. I also took her to her Junior Prom. Back in the days of ruffled shirts. I proudly display the pictures of the Wife and I at our Junior Prom (yes, I still have them) but there is no evidence left of my at a prom in ruffles. It was downright scary.

I think the thing that changed the relationship for me was a party we attended at a friend of hers. Overall, the party was not noteworthy, other than hanging with her. However, one of her ex-boyfriends was there. As the night went on, he began to get a little drunk, and started threatening me bodily. Not to my face, but to the crowd. I ended up having to go outside before the party ended to wait for my ride to escape injury. It was never the same after that.

As I said, we dated for a while after that, but it went downhill for me. When I broke it off with her, she was upset by it. "Never saw it coming" kind of thing. After a few weeks, at her insistance, we gave it another try, but I ended it a day short of a month (she actually asked me to wait another day so it could be exactly a month we were together).

After this, in my infinite wisdom as a guy, I decided that the break had to be clean. And the best way to make the break clean was to treat her like shit every time I saw her. To the point of being obnoxious. What can I say, I was 15 and thought I knew everything. It took me until 22 to realize I didn't know everything and 32 to finally know that I did. Totally unfair to AS, but as I said, I was a young punk, asshole, cool guy wannabe. Just ask the Wife. She'll tell you what a fuck I was in high school.

I eventually had a little heart to heart with AS and apologized for being such a jerk and we had a friendly relationship. Of course, it helped that we seldom saw each other any more. As with CM, I have not seen her since she graduated high school. AS, in retrospect, I think that relationship was just a dalliance between the two loves of my life. There was one minor stop on the way to the Wife. Just as junior year started, I dated one of the "gang" I hung out with routinely, which included the Wife, PD, MD, LL, JB, RP, and LC. It was one of those deals where I suddenly realized how cute LC was even though I'd been hanging with her for almost a year. That lasted until the first day of school. The she realized, "Holy Shit, what was I thinking in dating this guy!". I tried to convince her we should still date, but she kept saying no. One thing she did say a few times was, "You know, EF (the Wife's maiden name) is cute."

So you can blame LC for putting a bug in my head. The story of the Wife, begins next.


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