The Girlfriend

Before I begin the story of how I began dating the girl that would one day become (dum, dum dum!) the Wife, a little background is needed. I "met" Miss E in homeroom freshman year of high school. I say met, in that she sat in the row next to mine and a few seats up in homeroom. I knew her name and she knew mine, and that was about it. We started hanging out after I kind of elbowed my way into her circle of friends. I played sax in the band freshman and sophmore year. I got to be friends with the clarinet playing gal next to me, RP. By the end of freshman year we started hanging out. So I started hanging out with her group of friends, who all happened to be girls (I know, hurt me). So by sophomore year, I was officially part of the P gang, as it was know. It was one of those things that just happened, and Miss E happened to also be in the gang.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I hadn't really payed much attention to any of the girls in the gang until some sort of insanity overtook LC (again, in the gang) and she agreed to date me, if only for a few days. After the breakup, she had mentioned in a casual way how The Girl That Would Become the Wife was cute. I hadn't really thought about it, but as it turned out, she sat in front of me in English (her name being just before mine in the alphabet). It being still fall, the girls in our Catholic high school got to wear "summer" uniforms, meaning a one piece outfit in blue, pink or yellow, with a short skirt. While all were above the knee, a few were barely below the ass. Ah yes, all the boys in the school liked when summer uniforms were again allowed. Anyway, she sat in front of me wearing these short skirts, and sitting with her legs crossed and slightly off to the side of the desk. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. OH.MY.GOD! She had, and still does have, the most INCREDIBLE legs! I must admit, once the thought got into my head, I couldn't help but fall for those legs. It also didn't hurt that she was tall and thin. The only drawback, perhaps, was that she wore glasses, BUT SHE HAD GREAT LEGS!

So, around late October of that year, I could no longer stand the lure of the legs and asked her out. And she agreed! Unbeknownst to me, it turns out she had a crush on me! Who knew? All the others in the gang seemed to know, but of course, since the were GIRLS, of course they talked about that kind of stuff. Thus are the humble beginnings of our relationship. High school had so many memorable incidents. Early on it was kind of strange. It was a new relationship, so there was a lot of kissing going on. And groping whatever she'd let me get my hands on. She's always had very smooth skin and great curves, especially her hips. It was then and still is a pleasure just to run my hands over her hips and ass. But I digress (and might need a cold shower).

I recall stopping by her house Thanksgiving evening, since she lived near my aunt and uncle's place. It snowed and I was having trouble manipulating my dad's car with front wheel drive and a standard transmission. I also remember spending Christmas at her brother's trailer. I beleive she got me Ozzy's Speak of the Devil, and she had to keep it in her room with the cover down because it grossed her out. I also remember parking in the lot of an old amusement park afterward. Ah yes, young love.

However, our relationship sort of ended in the spring. It was around Easter time, because I remember being in the pit band for the school musical and not being able to practice on Palm Sunday. We had "broken up" shortly before then. Mostly, she broke it off with me. I don't even remember the reason, but it was something like, "we should date other people" kind of thing. I remember being disappointed, but was kind of ok with it. Just before the break from school, I found a "rebound" girlfriend in one of the other girls in the band. I didn't really like her, it was more that she was available. She like fell for me really fast and got one of those heart pins that said "I (heart) Vince" on it after about 3 days. Bells should have started going off right then. She left town just before break and I rode the bus with Miss E to school every day that week. And I just couldn't stay away from her. We tried being "friends" but ended up kissing all the time. So we decided to get back together. I do believe she even wrote me a nice note about how we should stay together (remember writing notes in high school?).

In any event, when the temporary girl got back from vacation, I broke it off with her. Over the phone. Cause I was REAL smooth in my youth. And she flipped out on me and threatened to kill herself. I called Miss E all distraught over it. I thought she was for real. As it turns out, the little bitch was yanking my chain. After that, Miss E and I were inseperable in high school. We went to our junior prom, winter dance, and senior prom together. There was no question of it.

We got ourselves into a nice little routine. Once I had a license and a car, I'd pick her up and drive her to school. We'd hang all day long. I'd take her home. After dinner, I would go back to her place and we'd hang out until I had to leave. It was nice. One amusing incident during that time, P, the "leader" of our gang, sent The Girlfriend a note (again with the notes) saying she shouldn't be dating me. It was "bad for her reputation". She was hopping mad! I found the whole thing amusing and was rather proud to have a bad reputation. Mind you, that bad reputation was mostly as a nut (I'll have to tell you about some of my ambitions in high school sometime). But as of yet, I had not had sex with The Girlfriend, so it's not like people thought I was taking advantage of her or something.

There are so many memorable things that happened in high school, I can't even begin. There was the time we where parked behind a school and a security guard knocked on the window. There was the junior prom where she looked so incredibly beautiful. There are the walks we took on the pier by the lake. There was the tough as nails nun, Sister Margaret Mary, that smiled at us one time when I kissed her on the cheek in the hallway. In general, I think it was your typical high school romance. I believe it was during this period that I first professed my love for her. There were no plans past high school at this point, we were too busy being teenagers in love.

Our relationship ended with the end of high school. It is for this reason I don't like to use the term "high school sweethearts". Because it wasn't during high school that our relationship really got serious. We had a lot of fun and being together was very comfortable in high school. But Miss E thought it would be a good idea if we dated other people. Not that I was really interested in dating other people, but you see, I was her first real boyfriend. And she wanted the opportunity to date other guys. I wasn't terribly happy about it, but if she wanted to do that, I wasn't going to force her to stick with me. So after graduation, we broke up.

It was the dullest 3 months of my life. Soon, September rolled around and college started. And like an addiction you just can't shake, Miss E would soon be back in my life. Because we still tried to be "friends". And it isn't in me to be "friends" with a woman like her. The next installment will chronicle how The Woman That Would Be The Wife, went from The Girlfriend, to Miss E, to The Fiance.


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