Blame E-Lo

I've been tagged! Miss E-Lo has decreed that I complete a meme with 20 things I love and 20 things I hate. Further details of how Miss E became The Wife will have to wait. Feel free to visit her blog and voice your displeasure. Or tell her how cute her kid is.

20 Things I Hate (in no particular order)

1. Heat and humidity. - I prefer not to sweat my ass off.
2. Getting up early.
3. People that are in my way. - I move fast. Stay with me or move before I run you down.
4. Boring meetings. - Thank God I can bring a laptop and do something else when I tune out anyway.
5. People that insult my intelligence. - I'll admit if I'm wrong, but don't treat me like I'm stupid.
6. Mangers that keep changing their minds. - Let's make a decision and then go with it!
7. Getting my car fixed. - It equals lots of money, guarrenteed.
8. Network news - Sqeezing a complicated story into a 30 second report gives you nothing. Whatever happened to content.
9. People that don't understand my kids.
10. Tripe. - Enough said.
11. All the fighting in the Middle East. - It's time to get the hell out of there, rope the area off, and let them all destroy each other.
12. That my lotto numbers never win. - I could really use a couple of million dollars to pay off the house and let the Wife quit her job.
13. The Wife's job - she hates it and would rather stay home with the boys.
14. The Buffalo Bills
15. Buffalo, NY
16. The Yankees
17. The DDSO for taking away Grasshopper's benefits.
18. When my friends are having a tough time.
19. That I can't save the world. - If I were dicator for life, the world would be a better place.
20. That I had to come up with 19 things I hate.

20 Things I Love

1. The Wife
2. Grasshopper
3. Maverick
4. Music/guitar
5. The Lord for giving me 1-4.
6. Being Italian
7. Eating good food
8. Rollerblading
9. Being a computer geek
10. Snuggling with the Wife
11. My Faith on Fire bandmates
12. Queen
13. My blogger pals (you know who you are!)
14. Helping out my friends with nothing in return expected
15. Sleeping in
16. Visiting Washington DC
17. Being different
18. Europe
19. Sitting on my porch
20. That I'm done with this meme.


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