Major Milestone

This is just too good not to be blogged. We've been working with Grasshopper to teach him to ride a two wheel bike. He's been getting frustrated since he didn't get it in like 2 seconds so he's been saying he doesn't want to learn and will just use training wheels his whole life. We've been explaining that it takes a while and just be patient, he'll get it with practice.

Well, yesterday, his best friend dropped by to play. He'd rode his bike over (a two-wheeler of course). So they go outside to play. A little while later his friend runs into the house and yells, "Grasshopper is riding a two wheel bike!". We run out there and here's Grasshopper getting his bearings on the two wheel bike, going only a few feet by himself, but definately riding. A little encouragement by his best friend went a much longer way than ours. Within about 15 minutes Grasshopper was riding up and down the street no problem. He's still having trouble starting and stopping, but now he's so excited he can't wait to get home from camp so he can practice some more.

Aren't best friends the coolest thing in the world?


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