Why it pays to proof read

I was listening to the audio proof of my CD (Voice of the Spirit, on sale now, click on the link to the right {end shamelss plug} . I was listening to the song I named Matthew 7:25. It's based on the scripture of that passage. I thought I would use it as a teaching moment and got my Bible out to have Grasshopper read the passage. He likes the song so I thought it would be good for him to know what it's about. Imagine my surprise when I realized Matthew 7:25 is not the verse I wrote the song about. It's accutally Matthew 6:25!


Luckily, the full run of CDs didn't begin. I've quickly changed the title of the song on everything to the correct verse, sent updated JPEGs to the duplicator to fix the back cover and CD, and updated my website (www.vincefranco.com, where you can purchase Voice of the Spirit. Order now while supplies last!). I've been going the last year and a half calling the song by the wrong name. Luckily I got it in the end.

On a completelys separate note, I need a cool idea for my "Something to Ponder" section. I can't think of anything good, so I'm looking for suggestions from the blogverse. What inscrutable mystery of the universe should I put up for all to contemplate during the small hours of the night when slumber eludes you? Winning entry gets a post dedicated to their greatness, or at least, how they're nearly as great as me.


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