Happy Birthday to the QoC!!!!!!

I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to the Wife! Today she has reached a milestone birthday. You know, one of those ages where you don't ask a woman her age and birthdays become anniversaries of a previous birthday. I will say that she looks totally hot for a woman who is older than 25 but younger than 50. I know very few women that look as good as her after two kids. I would like to also mention that though the two of us were born in the same year, she's 3 1/2 months older than me. But I've always liked older women. And I don't hold being old against her.

This weekend I threw a surprise birthday party for her. My two nephews have birthdays on the first and thirteen of January so my sister usually throws one family party for them. I used it as a cover to get her to my sister's place. It was perfect. She had no clue that the party was for her until we entered the kitchen.

We even had some drama at the event. I had mentioned to my sister-in-law (my brother's wife) that I was planning a surprise party and that my sister would give them the final details. I didn't tell my brother because then everyone would have found out. Well, this week my brother was talking to my mom and asked about the details. He was under the impression that invitations were going out. My sister and I decided that since only family were going to be there, no invitations needed to be mailed. Well, he and my mom were getting confused about whether the party was for the Wife or my nephews. My mom thought he was talking about the newphew's party, and said it wasn't this weekend. He thought she was talking about the Wife's party. So my mom called him right after the party started to find out when he was going to get there. He got all pissed off about nobody telling him anything. When he got there, he made sure to make a HUGE fuss about the whole thing to anyone who would listen. Of course, my mom had to beat the thing to death for about an hour. I believe she brought the subject up about 4 times last night. Not only that, but after church this morning (my mom came to Mass with us because it was a special event at church), she brought it up AGAIN. People in my family have a hard time letting go of stuff.

Anyway, the Wife had a good time. I gave her one of her gifts that night, a red Mandarin dress. She tried it on when we got home and I promptly informed her she had to remove it before I jumped her bones. She looked completely HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT in it. Smoking doesn't even come close. She got her other gifts from myself and the boys this morning.

So again, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman I know. She doesn't look a day over 29 (ok, 32) and is more beautiful now than on the day I married her. Love you Old Lady!


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