My poor fragile ego

This morning I was going through a musical high. The CD was ready for the duplicator, final art approved, I began to transcribe music for church I've been dying to do, and I actually came up with some very cool music that may turn into another song.

So today at work I'm talking to a co-worker of mine that is also a musician. I gave him a copy of the CD to get his opinion. I was very proud of the work and thought it was in very good shape. His opinion, "Not bad, I think the final mastering of the CD could be better. Don't send it to the duplicator yet. I think I can make it better."

Can you see the hurt and crushed look on my face? Can you see that little bubble of mine bursting? Can you see the doubt creeping in to my brain? Can you sense my feeling of failure when my greatest musical work to date is not lauded as the greatest CD ever?

Yes, that's what happened. He was trying to help and make the CD the best it could be. But damn it still stung. You put a ton of effort into something and think you got it as good as you can, and realize perhaps it's not. However, now that I've had a chance to calm down a little, I'm going to give it a chance. The duplicator has my current master (which I think is very good BTW). My co-worker is going to do a little tweaking and I'll see if it's better or not. It will delay getting the whole thing finished by a few days. But you never know. Maybe it will blow me away.

Now I'm off to pout some more. And if anyone else has anything negative to say I'm going to take my CD and go home. I won't play with you guys any more. So there.


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