Happy New Year


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Santa was very good to our household. I got an early "present" Christmas Eve from the Wife, and lots of the normal kinds of presents on Christmas. One of my favorites was a box of chocolate cherries from Harry and David. Yummy! I also got a new comfy chair for the computer desk among other things. The Wife recieved a nice bracelet and earings, as well as some kitchen gadgets she's been wanting. Santa was very good to the boys. They got plenty of toys. Their favorites change from day to day but Maverick really likes the putting set he got with the auto ball return. Grasshopper is very fond of the Transformers he recieved.

No real news at this point. We're basically getting ready to go back to our routine. It's been a nice break. Sleeping in, no activities for the kids, time to do little things we havn't been able to do. I've done some work on the graphics for the CD jacket and disk. The Wife has had a chance to clean our kitchen cabinets. It's been a pleasant week off for me. We both agree that we need more weeks like this.

The other nice evening we had was last Tuesday. All of us in the group of high school friends we hang around are celebrating the first anniversary of our 39th birthday in the next 12 months. (You may thank the Wife for the name of our celebration.) So we all got together for one celebration, since one of us will celebrate this anniversary each month from December to May. There's one oddball whose birthday is Halloween, but we invited her anyway. We hung out and did a gift exchange where we regifted things around the house. The Wife got some nice Mary Kay samples and I got a stuffed skunk. I love the skunk!

We get back to our normal routine on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it in a way. We had a good 2005. The Lord blessed us in many ways. Hopefully 2006 will be even better. I have a feeling there's very good things on the horizon and I'm looking forward to them, both personnaly and professionally. Hope everyone out there has a great 2006 as well.


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