I'm better now

I should probably explain yesterday's cryptic post. At the time, I didn't really want to go into details. If the Wife read the post, she knew what I was talking about. But today I don't mind sharing.

Yesterday morning Maverick and I butted heads bigtime. Yes, I got into a major power struggle with my 9 year old. Getting him up in the morning is a struggle. Between the ADHD and the fact that he doesn't wake up very quickly, it makes getting him ready on time tough. I'm one of those guys that gets out of bed within 3 minutes of the alarm ringing and can be ready to leave the house, all showered and breakfasted in about 20 minutes. And I prefer to be left alone while doing it. So we have your classic clash of personalities.

Maverick was having a very hard time getting up and getting rolling. So what did I, the sensitive, concerned caring parent that I am, do? That's right, yelled at him and told him he'd have to have breakfast at day care instead of at home because he wasted his time and didn't get up when he was supposed to. Why didn't he get up on time? Because he had trouble finding the arm holes in his robe. When he told me I didn't help him, I said something to him to the effect that he surely wasn't helping me that morning.

Then I get to work and read the letter from John. You can now understand the smack on the head I took. The Wife was already kind enough to gently (or perhaps not so gently) remind me what an asshole I was being. As I said yesterday, I hate it when she's right. Then when my man, the Big J, starts shaking his finger at me, well, you know you done wrong then.

Interestingly enough, this morning Maverick actually got out of bed early without being prompted and was ready before Grasshopper, which almost never happens. Kids, what can I say?

On a lighter note, Grasshopper came up with an amusing nickname for the Wife. He was playing a game where everyone was the King (or Queen) of something. For example, Maverick was King of Saxophone. When he got to Mom, he pronounced her Queen of Craziness, being how he and his brother drive her crazy. This was shorten to QoC, which I thought was a cool acronym. So I send a quick shout out to my main squeeze, the QoC with the M and the G helping her keep her crown. Word.


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