Birthday update

First a quick update on the Birthday Gal. She got lots of good stuff today, including flowers at work, a treadmill to get into condition for walking miles and miles on vacation this year (can't get wiped out like in NYC), and lots of birthday cards from Grasshopper's Wolf Cub den. Also, Nanner could not believe the Wife was 40. I must fess up that the picture on my left column was from 1992, when she was 26. However, to show that she has changed not at all since then, here's a picture of her from just a few weeks ago (though not yet 40):

Other than wearing glasses instead of contacts, does she not look just as hot and young as in the glamour photo? That's what I thought. Don't hate her cause she's beautiful ladies, she can't help the way she is.

On a muscial note, the clip for For The Love of Miss E (an instrumental to the Wife) is on my site. I hope to have the final song done this week. The CD Duplicator is putting together proofs for the CD Cover art and disk art. So I should have a finished product in a week or so. All depends on how long it takes to get the duplicates made. They tell me about 7 days. So hang in there, music fans, nearly 45 minutes of the most amazing music you've ever heard can be in your hot little hands very soon. I must admit, I wonder why more bands aren't making music like this. All modesty aside, it rocks and I wish more bands played stuff like I write.

A final Happy Birthday to my Sweet Little Lady. Hope this momentous occasion was as special for you as I tried to make it. Now enjoy sleeping in your chair.


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