One to Go

I've finished the 11th song for the CD, which means there is one more to mix and then it's done! A clip of For The Love of Miss E will be up soon. It's an instrumental piece. It reminds me of a Baroque piece. Listening to it I get the sense of 6 guitarists on a concert stage with lutes and mandolins (and electric guitars of course) doing chamber music. I'm quite pleased with the result. This one was probably the hardest to record. It was easy to loose count of where I was in the song when recording the rhythem tracks. For the lead tracks, if I made a mistake, I had to do the entire lead section over again (there are 4). There was no way to correct a note if it sounded bad without being really obvious. It's not perfect, but it sounds like a live recording. Not bad for just one guy doing all the work. I'd love to actually do this song live, but I need 5 other guitarists to do it right. Somehow I don't think I can find that many to do one song.

I should have the last song complete by the end of next week. After that, I need to get the CD pressed with the artwork, which should take about another week. It should be ready to sell by around January 21. If anyone wants to pre-order, you can go to my site and go to the order CD link. Of the $10 cost, $7 is going to support the music ministry at my church. The rest is to cover the cost of pressing the CD. I'll be making $0 on this CD as all the proceeds will go to my church. Below is the cover. Maverick drew it for me and I think he did a very nice job.


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