And Now the National News

The Wife sent me a link to this story. It's long, but a MUST read. It concerns the effort of CONSERVATIVE lawyers in the Bush administration to reign in the President's power. More specifically, a gentleman by the name of David Addington, formerly counsel, now chief of staff to the vice president. Here's what it really boils down to: Addington beleives the President should have absolute authority in a time of war to do whatever he wants with those prosecuting the war on the other side. Meaning, the war on terror. He's been the one behind all of the memos and policies that gave us the infamous "terror memo", which resulted in Abu Gharib, and the current domestic spying scandal.

The story talks about a group of Bush administration appointees in the Justice department that are just trying to uphold the law. It seems that Addington has been an advisor of Cheney's for a long time and has learned that the "system" works too slow. So Addington has gotten what he wants by bypassing anyone that might disagree with him and promoting or dealing directly with only those that do agree. Addington's problem is that he championed the appointment of someone he thought was on his side, but was actually on the LAW'S side. While he agreed with the need to wage a war on terror, the thought Addington and the administration (actually read Cheney, with Bush agreeing with whatever Cheney said) was going too far and actually BREAKING THE LAW!

I'm sorry, but you got to be really out there for other Conservatives to say you've gone too far. And I'm not surprised the Bush thinks he should be able to do whatever he wants. That's the biggest problem with this Administration, that cowboy attitude that they know what's right and we should "trust them". I feel so much safer knowing that our President feels the rights guarenteed in the Constitution only apply to certain individuals and don't apply at all if your a SUSPECTED terrorist.

In other news, you've probably heard about the two ABC newsmen that were injured by a roadside bomb. I feel sorry for them and thier families. While they knew the danger, it's still tragic. ABC has been referring to them as Bob and Doug. Now, the Wife got a little chuckle out of it as it reminded her of Bob and Doug MacKenzie, of The Great White North (SCTV) fame. Now, every time ABC mentions Bob and Doug, I can't get the thought of the two SCTV characters being in their place. I think the first broadcast when they recover would go something like this:

"Hi, I'm Bob and this is my producer Doug."
"Good day, eh."
"Good day, eh. So like, I'd like to talk about those hosers that tried to like, blow us up, eh. I understand that some sort of IUD was planted by an Islamic Muslim femminist or something, eh. What a hoser! We were like, just hanging with the troops, eh, taking a little informal poll on which kind of beer they've been drinking. Cause, like, you can't get and good Canadian beer in Iraq, eh? Those hosers wouldn't know good beer if like, fell on them, eh. And we were also trying to promote a little hockey. Cause, you know, even though its like 1000 degrees, eh, you can still build an ice rink. They got them in Texas too, eh. So anyway, those stupid feminists blew up that IUD, eh. It's not like we get involved in that pro-choice debate or anything..."
"Uh, Bob, I think you mean like, IED, eh. Stop being such a hoser. You're ruining the report eh."
"Shut up, eh. You're such a hoser!"
"No, you're a hoser!"
"Take off, you hoser! And get me another beer, eh."

Ok, I'm so going to hell for that. But I can just see the bit. It would be a riot. Coo roo coo coo, coo coo coo coo.


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