Take time to remember

I wasn't planning a post today until I read Julie's blog. She reminded me of the reason I'm home today with the boys, Veteran's Day. She was kind enough to remember me and all others that have served our nation. She also made me remember the great people I served with during my time in the Navy.

I don't talk too much about my military service, mostly because I didn't do it out of patriotic reasons. I needed a way to pay for college. It was that simple. I became a nuke for the bonus associated with it and the hope of a better job after I got out. Not very altruistic. But I did the job, and I did it the best I could. I met a lot of great people, some many interesting places, and learned a lot about leadership (both what to do and what not to do).

I was in the Middle East during the "Gulf War", meaning the fighting was over when I got there but it wasn't officially declared over. I was lucky that I didn't have to shoot at anyone and all of my shipmates and I came home. Not so in the latest "Gulf War".

I'll always have a special respect for those still serving and especially the ones that can dedicate a life to it. I could not. And I know the sacrifice it takes to make a career out of the military. So take a minute and remember the people who are giving up a lot to protect our nation. Whatever their motivation, whatever your feeleings for soldiers/sailors, war, or the military. They are doing the job that many will not. Risking thier lives so we can do what we're doing now.


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