Crazy weekend coming up!

Things should be wild this weekend. Tomorrow we're having the family birthday party for Grasshopper. He's excited to get more presents. His party is at noon. However, from 9 to 11, the Wife and I are going to be doing a baptism prep seminar at our church. Ourselves and another couple discuss baptism and what it means with people that are looking to get their children baptized in the Church. And at about 5 pm tomorrow, Maverick and I are off to a sleepover in Buffalo with his cub scout pack. Did I mention that I play at a 5 pm Sunday Mass? Is the weekend over yet?

On an amusing note, here is an email conversation the Wife and I had today concerning the movie Good Night and Good Luck:

Wife: Jack Garner (local film critic) gave it a 10. It's playing at the Little and at Pittsford Plaza. I wonder if more theaters will pick it up if it becomes popular.

Me: We should see it maybe next weekend. We can get S. to watch the boys (hopefully) and go take in a movie. It would be nice to take a little break.

Wife: See, and you thought you couldn’t take a hint.

It appears her training program is beginning to bear fruit. It only took about 20 years.


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