I made it

The weekend is over and I'm still alive. I can't believe it. It's been non stop since yesterday morning. It's around 9 pm and I've finally got everything done. Whew!

Grasshopper enjoyed his party. He got plenty of Star Wars legos and Bionicles. Exactly what he wanted. He also got a gift card to go crazy with.

Maverick's sleepover was a lot of fun. We went to the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls. He got to get his hands on (literally) lobsters, turtles, crabs, and other assorted shell fish. We got to tour the aquarium at night when no one was around but us. There were lots of very cool (and LARGE) fish to look at. This morning was a sea lion show. All in all most enjoyable. I'll have pictures posted later this week.

There were two very memorable moments for me this weekend. The first was just before I left for the sleepover. The Wife gave me a kiss goodbye. It was memorable for me in that is was a very genuine kiss. Not romantic or terrible long, but completely heartfelt. Usually we'll give each other little kisses throughout the day, but they more casual, like a good night peck on the cheek type of thing. Still nice, but the one she gave me before I left obviously said "I love you", which was very touching.

The second memorable thing was the big hug I got from Grasshopper when I got home this morning. He was a little upset that I was going instead of the Wife. He wanted to stay home with me. I think he's still a little jealous that Maverick seems to get more of my time. He felt that now I do all cub scout stuff only with him and Mom does all the cub scout stuff only with Maverick. Except the Wife doesn't do sleepovers very well, so I'll do them with both the boys.

Anyway, I've managed to get through this weekend without totally crashing, though I've come close a few times. I can't guarentee I'll make it past 10 pm without passing out, but hopefully I'll get up tomorrow totally recovered. Wish me luck.


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