Kid stories

Quick Update: Brighton's Dad is in need of your prayers. Check out her site to get the details. He's having heart trouble and she's very worried.

A post at Katie's site reminded me of a funny kid story of my own that I thought I'd share. She was posting about the interesting questions children pose thier parents. Below is a conversation between Maverick and the Wife which took place while in the car one day this year:

Maverick: "Mom, do you know what a woody is?".

My Wife (looking shocked and afraid to ask): "No, what's a woody."

Maverick: "You know, it's those cars with wood on the side."

The Wife breathed a big sigh of relief. The bullet was dodged for another day.

So far, Grasshopper has not asked any such potentially embarrasing questions. He's mostly concerned about butts and farts. And dogs and Star Wars.

Speaking of Grasshopper, here are pictures from Grasshopper's birthday parties. Yes, PARTIES. Isn't it great to be a kid? You get to have two birthday parties and presents for both. What a racket that is.

Also, here are pictures of the Aquarium sleepover Maverick and I went to over the weekend. For those of you near Niagara Falls, it's a neat place on the American side. Kids will love it.

Finally, I've got a new updated song clip on my website. Voice of the Spirit is complete. Shout for Joy will probably be complete tomorrow. I'm still on track to finish by Christmas so stay tuned!


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