Quick update

For those that are interested, I've completed another song, Hearts of Stone. I'm currently working on Power of Darkness. It's such an evil sounding song. EVIL I TELL YOU!!!! EEEEVIIIIILLLL!

On a down note, this project is wearing me out. I'd much rather be at home the two nights a week I'm mixing songs, but my producer is moving to Maine just after Christmas so I HAVE to get it done before then. So it will be. But dammit I don't want to work on it any more. I need a break but won't get one. I know, I'm going to get little sympathy here but I wanted to say it out loud (or at least in print). Music is such a hassle right now. Between this project and playing at Mass on Sunday afternoons it's taking some of the fun out of it.

Now put away your violins and shut up!

I will try and have clips of Shout for Joy and Hearts of Stone up this week. If I can find the energy.

Also, I've got a new link on my blogroll. I've linked the Complimenting Commenter. Jude was kind enough to ask that I get a compliment, and CC obliged. The blog is a great concept. Someone is going around speading cheer and making people feel good. How cool is that?


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