Public Service Announcement

I wanted to remind everyone that Tuesday is Election Day. While there are no national elections going on, the local and state elections that go on in off years are probably more important. What goes on in our communities affects us far more 0n a daily basis than what goes on in Washington or other parts of the world. Local leaders are setting budgets that directly affect what we pay in real estate and school taxes. School boards are making decisions on the education of our children. County and state leaders are putting through projects that directly affect how we live.

I'm not advocating you vote for any one party. I think most of you can figure out my party affiliation. Get involved and make a difference with your vote. You can't change anything or even keep it the way it is without making your voice heard. Voter turnout on off years is usually around 20%, which is pitiful. Do you want a minority of the voters choosing leaders that make these vital decisions? You can't complain if you don't vote. So get out there and vote. If enough of us show up, we can change the face of politics.

I vote in every election there is, local or national. Things aren't the way I would like them. But I didn't vote for many of the guys running things, so at least you can't blame me for their screw ups. Can everyone out there say the same thing?



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