Out of the Blue

It's been a crazy weekend. I left work early Wednesday since Grasshopper wasn't feeling well. Did Thanksgiving Day at my parent's place. It was quite the meal. Friday was spent shopping the whole day between the Wife and I. We made a very big dent in our Christmas list. Saturday was more shopping then we went to see Good Night and Good Luck. AWESOME MOVIE! Today was filled with church and football (the Giants should fire their kicker, misssed not one, not two, but THREE game winning field goals). I did manage to put a clip of Power of Darkness on my website, however. Check it out as it is so freaking HEAVY!! I'm quite pleased with the results.

However, that was not the most interesting part of the weekend. As the title suggests, I got a letter out of the blue (kudos to anyone that can name the band that put out the album with that name without Googleing it {Wife doesn't count}). In high school and college, my best friend was a man by the name of Scott. We were inseperable. If I wasn't with the Wife (the Girlfriend and the Fiance during those years), I was with Scott. We spent many hours jamming (he played bass), playing Risk or Axis and Allies, or watching movies and eating pizza. He was even in our wedding (the Wife and I that is).

However, as happens in life, once I moved out of Rochester, we started to loose touch. He visited us a couple of times, but moved out of town himself. We saw each other occasionally. He married a great woman named Zora who seemed perfect for him. We got a chance to meet her a couple of times before they got married. Scott always said they were going to get married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator, but they got married during Mardi Gras instead. The last time I talked to Scott was a couple of years ago. He was in town and afraid to call as he thought I might be pissed at him for not writing or calling or anything in a while. I told him that was crap and to come on over. We hung out for a while, exchanged addresses, email, and phone numbers and vowed to keep in touch. I sent a couple of emails with no reply and chalked it up to life again. We still sent Christmas cards to him every year anyway.

Which brings us to Saturday. I get a letter in the mail with Scott's return address. We open it up and inside is a WEDDING INVITATION! It appears Scott is marrying a woman by the name of Ashley. Now the Wife and I really liked Zora so instantly we hate Ashley simply on principle. After all, with a name like Ashley she must be a prude or something, right?

There was a new email address from Scott so I sent him a What the Fuck email, slightly more politely. Basically I was like, dude, wha happpen? We've obviously missed something big. What happened to Zora? Who is Ashley? Why didn't we find out about this before now? Why are they getting married on a Carribean island? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? We need to know these things!

Anyway, I've emailed Scott to see what's up and to send my regrets we won't be able to attend. I was always kind of sorry that our friendship seemed to just slip away. It would be nice to revive it. However, it's a two way street. So Scott, if you're reading this, CALL ME! What the fuck dude?


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