Bad hubby! Bad

The Wife and I got into a little tiff yesterday. By a tiff, I mean she was pissed at me so I was pissed at her so niether of us talked to each other from dinner until we went to bed. We don't really fight, or scream, or anything, we just glower and scowl at each other.

So I would like to publicly apologize to the Wife. Because this time around, she was totally justified in being pissed of at me. Basically all of her woes from yesterday were my fault.

You see, I am the schedule master. I keep track of our appointments, set the schedule for dinner, and basically make sure we know where we have to be. Yesterday, I had a parent teacher conference on the schedule. Turns out the conference is tomorrow. I spoke to the kids about changing what was for dinner but forgot to tell the Wife. She made what I had there originally and Grasshopper had a meltdown. And to top it all off, I placed all of our paper shopping bags in the recycle bin the day before, which she uses to organize all the paper recyleables.

Basically I totally screwed up her day. So I shall figuratively place myself in the stocks and submit to public ridicule and humiliation. I take responsibility for wronging the Wife, and not doing my job of making her life easier.

You may now commence throwing the rotten vegatables.


PS, I have new song clips posted on my site! Enjoy!


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