The Comforting Grasshopper

Today was just one of those kinds of days. I got absolutely no where at work and ended the day more behind than I started. Things are backing up at home as well since there seems to be no time to say, clean the house, with everything else going on.

So today is also Grasshopper's karate day. We get there, and he's complaining to sensei how he doesn't want to do anything and is having a tough time staying focused and difficulty participating. This was getting really annoying to me, on top of everything else that went on today. I know he's autistic and stuff like this happens, but it's frustrating when we make the time for him to be involved in something like this and he's basically wasting it. I discussed with him on the way home the need to work and follow directions if he expects to get a yellow belt. He complains that his friends are orange belts and he's only a white belt so I tell him he can catch up if he pays attention and does what the instructors tell him.

After dinner, I make the mistake of checking my work email. There were a couple of reminders I wanted to make for myself for tomorrow so I wouldn't forget. In my Inbox is an email from the CIO, my boss' boss. A little background:

I hashed out a plan today with one of our network administrators and our security manager to move everyone's email mailboxes to our new exchange server. Part of the implementation was to set up limits on the size of attachments and the size of mailboxes, neither of which we have right now. I've been trying to do this for 2 years. The security manager goes back and forth with our CIO to get everything straightened out so I can communicate what's going on to our users.

So near the end of the day I send an email to everyone letting them know what's going on and spelling out the new limits we'll be migrating to. When I checked my email tonight, there was an email from the CIO to the security manager with me copied in saying basically "why did you guys send out an everyone email? I thought it was going to be a targeted email and I never approved attachment size limits."

So now I'm livid. I made a point with the security manager of verifying everything we were doing. He supposedly worked it all out with the CIO. I spelled out for him EXACTLY what I was going to email everyone. And now the CIO is coming down on my ass. So now I look like a total asshole no good hack to the CIO and I'm going to look like an idiot to all of our users if I have to suddenly say "Oops, I didn't mean to say that". I tried to make sure I did the right thing and now I'm getting screwed.

Anyway, in my frustration, Grasshopper comes by to see what's up. I explain to him my frustration and explain in 7 year old language how I tried to do the right thing at work and how my boss was now mad at me. So what does he do?

He pats me on the head. He tells me that it's ok to be frustrated, but I shouldn't be because work is not that important. I shouldn't let it bother me. Then he gives me a big hug and tells me it's ok, I don't need to be frustrated any more.

I tell you what, annoyed with him as I was earlier, there's no way I could be any longer. I told Grasshopper that he was wise beyond his years. Because he is. The Wife and I must be doing something right if our 7 year old recognizes the important things in life and understand a loving hug is all it takes to fix you when you're angry.

So thank you my little Grasshopper for making me feel better and reminding me of perspective. Work is work and it should stay there. Hugs and a pat on the head are what matter in life.


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