Vince is...

Many thanks to Brighton for this link to Googlisms. I gave it a shot and here's my favorites that came up:

vince is walking on water (because I rule)
vince is so popular (don't you wish you were me?)
vince is mad (only slightly mad)
vince is nice (thanks!)
vince is important (duh)
vince is a freak (I'm a super freak baby)
vince is perty sharp ain't he (yes I am)
vince is the best (you better believe it)
vince is the kind of actor who reminds one why there are movie stars in the first place (so where's my oscar?)
vince is receiving rave reviews for his guitar work and vocals (please, just throw money)
vince is an application that allows the user to choose which applications are set as helpers for internet protocols (I'm so versitile)
vince is on the ground in front of the bus then the answer will depend on just how fast 'really really fast' is for the bus and just how high 'really really (really really what?)
vince is playing lately (and my wife hates it)
vince is committed to raising teacher salaries (they all deserve more money)
vince is committed to supporting his community (I'm a team player man)
vince is into all types of music (except country and rap)
vince is someone who has made himself a billionaire by playing on our eagerness to know the con while we're falling for it (so how come the assests are frozen in my bank?)
vince is the one (that's right)
vince is a lot better looking than any of the savanna monitors which were at the show (monitors are just ucking fugly compared to me)
vince is only 23 (sure, lets go with that)
vince is an award winning speaker (just not the awards peopel covet)
vince is being followed by a muscle man (I think he likes my ass)
vince is now inundated with love (:basks in the radiance:)
vince is back ( black)
vince is director and program manager for an intel (I wish)
vince is a keen and efficient writer (just look at my concise posts)
vince is now banned from the oven and stove (Cool - now the wife has to cook!)
vince is currently recording his first solo album (That is indeed correct)
vince is also up for three tnn music awards (I said I hate country. I wish they'd stop nominating me)
vince is proudly supported by the san diego/ imperial county labor council (and I thank them greatly)
vince is a young (young what?)
vince is involved in many community organizations and has continually participated in charity events (I'm all about helping the people)
vince is the other guitarist in wave invasion (cool!)
vince is not a republican (Thank God)
vince is an internationally accomplished composer (music is my life)
vince is a smart man (of course)
vince is saying (you know, I' just saying)

And to sum it all up:

vince is just that incredible


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