Right Man for the Job

Update - Holy shit! I hadn't linked Nanner yet! But I've linked her now (Inanna). Check out her site if you haven't already. She's the peach!

I’ve got a lot of things in my head that I want to write down. Since if I put it all together it would make one HUGE post, I’m going to go gang busters off line and post pieces of it. This way the stories will come out on their own. Also, a welcome to Mona! I've linked her blog on my list. It's a very cool site and everyone should check it out.

First up, the story of Tuesday night. I was at my son’s little league game. His team was getting creamed but he was doing pretty good. So in the middle of the 5th inning, I get a call from the Wife. She asks what field we’re on. I think, cool, she wants to come see the rest of the game. The younger boy can’t sit through the games normally but this one was almost over. When she arrived, the Wife was NOT happy.

It turns out she got a call from my mom. My parents decided to take out the rug in their family room and install a hardwood floor. Mind you, being Italian, every other room in the house was either ceramic tile or hardwood, so this was the ONLY room in the house with a rug. But I digress. All the furniture had to be removed from the room, including the TV. So my dad had to watch TV in the 3 season room, in the 90 degree heat with no AC in the room. He was ready for the TV to be back in the family room.

Now, originally, they had called my brother over to hook everything up. They have satellite TV, a DVD, and a VCR. My brother is one of those technoligically challenged individuals. He's great with his hands and can take apart and rebuild a car engine, put anything remotely associated with electronics is out of his league. He had been trying to get everything wired properly and could not. Being a man of no patience, he was quickly swearing at everything and generally being loud and pissed off. So my mom kicked him out and called me.

When my mom found out I was at the game, she told the Wife something to the effect, “Oh, since the game is over at 8:30, that won’t be too late. Vince can still come over, right?” Of course, the Wife, being the wonderful woman that she is, politely said yes and then found me and vented her frustration to me. So I went over to the parent’s house.

It took me all of about 10 minutes to get it all together properly. A couple of quick questions, a quick determination of which of the 2 wires that could be the satellite cable was the correct one, and my parents could again watch RAI Italian television. My mom thanked me profusely and said she should have called me first. To which I agreed. I’m the one that does all the cable hookups for them and programs the VCR. As I said, you need to get the right guy for the job.


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