Threat level reduced

Thanks to the unbelievable ministrations of my totally hot and sexy wife, I have gone from Obsessed with her to Infatuated. This means I've gone from thinking about having sex with her all the time to only when she's around. Sex is now not required, but optional. Should optional sex occur, the level would be reduced to Satisfied, where I only think about sex if we're in bed together. Sex is now nice if neither of us are tired or otherwise not in the mood. Should nice sex occur, the level would be reduced to asleep, where sex only occurs in my dreams (literally, not figuratively). No real sex is required nor requested at this point.

I must again extole the amazingness of the little lady. I am a lucky man indeed to be wed to such a wonderous beauty as she. Words cannot describe and my pitiful attempts to praise her do not do her justice. She just Rocks!


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