Georgia on my mind

Actually, it's the Wife on my mind. For about the last week or so I've got sex on the brain. Specifically, sex with the Wife on the brain. Not just your normal "guy wants sex all the time kind of thing". I don't know what it is lately. It's not like I'm not getting enough loving from the little lady (again, not counting the whole guy-wants-sex-all-the-time thing). But lately every time I look at her I want to carry her up the stairs and throw her on the bed.

Perhaps its because the weather has been really warm and there's more skin around. Plenty of ladies running around in shorts and tank tops. I'm a real leg and shoulder kind of guy, so that's a plus for me. For example, the Wife wore said shorts and tank top just yesterday and she was SOOOO HOT! (Sigh). It's a burden sometimes having such a gorgeous babe knockout for a wife.

I can't expect her to romp in bed every night. After all, that would leave her too tired to do the laundry, clean the house, make my dinner, take care of the kids, and mow the lawn while I read the paper and sip a cool drink. Actually, it's more the other way around. We're both so busy with housework, kids activities, and life in general that we seldom got to bed at the same time and when we do, one of both of us is too pooped to pop. The Wife's custom is to usually fall asleep in her chair between 10 and 11 pm. If this happens, the average time she comes to bed is around 12:30 - 1 am. I'm out like a light by then.

So I suffer in silence and patiently await the right moment when we're both in bed at the same time and we both have a few ounces of engery to spare. Again, it is such a burden having a hot wife. Hot ladies out there, how do your husbands handle it? Are they too going insane with desire for you? Do they forgo even looking at other women because they pale in comparison to your radience?

Seriously for a moment, the day I knew that I should marry my wife was the day I realized that I was no longer interested in other women. I did and still do find other women attractive, but I have no desire to have more that a friendship with them and absolutely no desire to sleep with them. Sixteen years later, that hasn't changed. I'm hooked, kids, hooked. Even if I'm upset with her, one look at her or one touch, and I can't stay angry without really working at it. One nice kiss, and forget it. I'm done. I can't stay upset at her for very long about anything if she's around me.

Anway, to completely change the subject, another busy weekend ahead. Today my Wife went to school for our older boy's Author's Tea (they did a story book and parents got to read them and have cookies), and I went on a zoo field trip with the younger boy. I'll post a picture or two Monday. Tomorrow consists of art lessons for the older boy, wedding reception for my Wife's neice (got married last week in North Carolina), and baseball game/cub scout sleepover on the ball field. I've checked my calendar and the only Saturday I have free the rest of the summer is July 2. My summer is done and it hasn't even started yet.

No get some rest all of you. Make sure you get tucked in by someone you love and sleep tight. Good night!


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