On why

Last night I was a little fearful coming home, not knowing whether to expect a large object aimed at my head or not. Luckily, the Wife was not as upset as I thought. However, her post was a big enough smack on the head.

She is indeed correct that I've been spending too much time on the PC at home lately. I have a tendancy to get obsessed occasionally and I fell into that trap. I was neglecting things at home for the sake of my personal enjoyment. While I wasn't getting on line until after the boys went to bed, there are still things I could have been doing instead.

I invited the Wife to contribute to my blog to give her a voice on my site if she cared to use it. I disagree that those that read this blog would not be interested in the things she cares about. I know of at least one reader that has a child with developmental disabilities. Parents of children that have special needs need to stick together.

I have always encouraged the Wife to stick with Liturgy Committee at church. I have my music thing, she deserves her thing. However, since the group shut down for the summer, I'm going to take a few weeks away from it to cut the little lady a break. I can get absorbed in music easily. However, my motivating factor for practicing over the summer is to learn new material for use in the fall. It takes time for a group to build a large repetoire of songs. But that is neither here or there.

I originally set up this blog as an outlet for myself to get out things I wanted to say. My original intention was to use it as a something to do during my lunch hour. I never really expected anyone but a few people I might know would read it. The fact that people I've never met wish to read my thoughts astounds me. I will revert to my original intent and maintain this blog during my lunch hour. I'll still check in on my favorite blogs during that time as well.

Vince has been a bad husband. The Wife is good at reminding me of that. So I'll fix it. My Wife and the kids are the most important thing in my life. I hate it when I disappoint the little lady.


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