Rock stars as activists

Don't have much to talk about today so I thought I'd mention the interview I saw last night. Bono was on Meet the Press discussing the Live 8 concert coming up. Now, normally, I really thing rock stars should shut the hell up and concentrate on making music. They're usually not well enough informed to be influencing politics. That and the whole Hollywood thing. Celebrities don't really impress me and they're opinions carry about the same wieght as my cat's. Just because you make a lot of money making movies doesn't make you qualified to discuss how to eliminate the national debt.

However, listening to Bono, he was extremely well informed. He took a very pragmatic approach to his cause, how to improve the situation in Africa. He wasn't spouting some idealistic pie in the sky program. He was trying to get the G8 nations to give more money in a better manner to make sure aid got to those that needed it and not just to corrupt politicians. Instead of attacking major world leaders, he was praising what they'd done so far and asking them to go further. He was particularly appreciative of Bush's efforts, which surprised me. He was well spoken and passionate, but didn't revert to name calling or criticizing, as may rock stars tend to do.

So hat's off to at least one musician that dares to break the mold and actually know what he's talking about.


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