Guilty Pleasure

On THL's blog, she did a quick survey including a question about your musical guilty pleasure, that is a band you listen to that people would question. I of course mentioned playing my absolutely cool hot pink Ibanez RG550. The band I listed was Queen. However, I got a CD yesterday that probably is more of a guilty pleasure. It's the Girlschool CD 21st Anniversary. They're an all girl British heavy metal band from the 80s. It's very Motorhead like stuff. Anyway, very few people have heard of them. They totally rock. This CD features their original lead guitarist, Kelly Johnson, who is a very good guitar player. Plugs a Les Paul through a bunch of Marshall amps and just gets great tone. Not to flashy, but tasty. I'll need a few more listenings to really get a feel for the CD but I liked the first listen through.

On a totally separate note, I think I may need a new morning routine. Mornings and I used to have this agreement: we'll leave each other alone and pretend the other isn't there until about 9 am. I'm the kind of person that can get up quickly and be out the door off to work in 30 minutes or less, but I need to be left alone. I prefer not to talk to anyone or do anything other than what needs to be done. I also have this thing about not wanting to be late. So my preferred morning ritual is one where I just get everything done quickly and am on my way.

Enter two rambunctious boys to the mix. It has been my responsibility for the last 2 years or so to get the boys up, get them fed breakfast, get them ready, and drop them off at day care and still get to work by 7:30. This means we should leave the house at 7 am. My older kid is like my wife, he doesn't want to get up in the morning. Then once he's up, his ADHD medication doesn't kick in for a while so I get a kid who doesnt' want to get going and then once he's up, is highly distracted so that what should take a few minutes can stretch into 10 - 20 minutes. This results in me having to push him to keep him going at a reasonable pace. So now we're arguing at 6:45 every morning. My younger son, who used to be pretty quick about things, is now taking after his brother. Even though he's fully awake, he'd rather stay in bed and once he gets up, follows his brother's lead and gets wild and silly and then doesn't want to get dressed.

Anyway, I'm pretty much at the point where I'm ready to let the wife take them to day care. I don't mind getting them up and getting them started, but it makes me crazy in the morning to have to constantly yell at the kids to finish eating breakfast or to get dressed. She starts work at 8 and leaves after me anyway.

I should do some writing in my personal journal tonight. It's been a few days and it's a great way to vent frustration. Not that my frustration level has been very high lately (mornings excluded). I think it would be better to have something that is not just a record of all of the times I was annoyed or upset, but that has other stuff as well. I've also got to do a little more musical work to get this church group together. I still need a drummer. Once that's in place, we can really start to rehearse. Oh, and monitors.


Lois Lane said…
I feel your pain about mornings. My husband lucked out. He is out of town more than he is home. That leaves yours truly to get the kids up and out. The one thing that has worked better than anything with my son, who is 12... I tell him to get up. If I have to go back in to tell him again, he has to go to bed a half of an hour early that night. For every return to his room, it's an additional half hour. There was only one time he tested me. Normally both of my kids are in bed at 8 but this one time, he was in bed at 5:30 and I just stuck to my guns even through all of his crabbing and moaning.
I also made a laminated list for each of them. eat breakfast, brush teeth, shower, get dressed, deodorant, socks, shoes you name it, and it's on their lists. Early on they would use a dry erase marker to check off what they finished but now although they are still on the fridge, they rarely use them. Once in a while I see my son just look at it and move on to the next thing.
here's to a good morning tomorrow!
Lois Lane

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