Addition to blog

I've learned how to put links in my blog! Actually, I'm using a service that someone else uses (thanks Julie of the Rabid Rabbits blog!). It required I go back into my HTML editing skills which I haven't used in a while but I managed. I will say that I cheated a little and copied some code from another site but it was basic. Also faster than typing it myself.

I've added links to some of the blogs I read and sites of interest. I'm going to expand it as I go so you can see my favorite links. It will contain whatever. Two of the links I recommend are The Hot Librarian (very amusing stuff) and The Long Lost Lonely Lagomorph. He's a Brit with a good sense of humor. I've been getting into many things English lately. I've found my favorite pasttime (which I don't do enough of) is to sit in an English pub and drink hard cider. Throw a game of darts into the mix and I'm set.

The Al's Neighbor's site is my old cover band. I never did take down the site and it's still out there after a couple of years. You can check out some pics and see the bios. I've got some snippets of our demo CD on there as well. My playing is best featured on the Slide track. Enjoy everyone!


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