My Guitar Listens

I was in a bad mood last night (still am kind of seething today. I've got this anti-social thing going right now). I decided that I was going to sit and just play the guitar for a while. After about an hour of just playing stuff, nothing in particular, I realized I had started to feel better. George Harrison's guitar gently weeped. I found that mine just listens. I can say whatever I want with it and it's there. If I need something soft and aching, it can do that. If I need hard and angry, it can do that. It just sucks up whatever emotion I'm feeling and simply is. Wonderful thing, this piece of wood with 6 wires can be. For a little while at least, I was somewhere else where there was just sound and emotion. Blissful loss of reality. Unfortunately, I had to put it down. My emotions had played themselves out and it could no longer provide relief.

A little amusing story for all of you. I'm sure you've heard all of the urban PC support legends, you know, the person that was told to ship their PC back in the box because they were too stupid to own a computer, the person that wondered why thier PC didn't work during a blackout. Here's a for real story, a conversation between one of my PC Techs and one of our users:

Tech: I'm moving your PC to your new cube but leaving the monitor behind as there is already one in the new cube.

User: But you have to move my monitor. All of my shortcuts are on it.

Tech: No, the monitor has nothing to do with the shortcuts on your desktop. Those are on the PC.

User: No, they're on my monitor. I can see them right there. If you don't move my monitor, they won't be there.

Tech: Trust me, they will.

Yes, the user thought that the PC desktop settings were specific to the monitor. We're going to do more moves with this group over the weekend and have decided not to tell them anything except where their new cube will be. Best not to confuse everyone.


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