Ok, something quick to rant about before I move on to something else. I was watching something on PBS about the evolution of the American language. A theater critic was railing about how slang and modern expressions are in the dictionary but aren't really part of the language. Going on about how we're "diluting" and "dumbing down" our culture. My first thought was what a snob. I ran into the same kind of attitude in some articles I read when I became interested in classical guitar. One guitarist mentioned how they couldn't stand it when a musician moved around when they played. It "distracted from the music and ruined the performance". In other words, having the passion and emotion you feel while performing and having that translate into the music is a BAD thing. I'm sorry, as a musician, I let it all hang out when I play. Well, ok, I show some restraint in church but not when playing out live. I would find it dull and dry to have someone sit there and just play the notes as if they have no soul. Again, music snob. People need to relax and stop imposing their rules on everything. Granted, I may not particularly enjoy all the same things someone else does or agree with their interpretations, but that does not make them less valid. Can't we agree to disagree?

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.


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