Battling the Implements to Battle the Elements

OK, I finally has some sort of funny story to tell. It seems that the lawn and garden type implements in my garage hate me. Here in New York we’ve gotten about 2 feet of snow over the weekend. Yesterday (Sunday), I finished snowblowing the driveway, a good half hour task, and then went to shovel the areas I couldn’t get, like right up against the garage and the walkway. So anyway, I grab the shovel by the handle, not knowing it was sitting on top of a wide bottom broom. You know, the ones that are like 2 feet long to sweep the garage. I put just enough pressure on the broom to make the handle go flying backwards and BAM! Right in my eye. Now today (Monday), I’m doing some final cleanup and getting rid of some drifts in the driveway. I decide that since the temperature on Tuesday is going to be over 20 degrees, it would be a good idea to throw some salt on the driveway to help all the ice melt. I go to fill the spreader from the nice, heavy, 80 pound bag of salt. The edge of the bag rests on the front of the spreader and of course, it leans forward and BAM! The handle hits me in the bridge of the nose. I cursed the spreader specifically and all lawn implements in general. Luckily, I don’t appear to be too bruised by this misfortune. However, with more snow on the way this week, I may need to battle with them further. I’m wearing protective gear from now on.


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