More musing, less rambling

I like to read the daily readings from the Bible each morning on the US Catholic Conference of Bishops site. Several of the readings lately include those stories where Christ tries to go to a quiet place by himself, but the crowd follows. Or Jesus heals someone and asks them to say nothing about it, but the person tells everyone and even more people come to see Him. I’ve been reflecting on this lately and I think I can see where He is coming from.

There are times when I just want to pack up everything and leave. I get tired of being a husband, dad, boss, and generally a person with obligations. It would be easy to just throw my guitar and amp into the car and run away to live the dream of being a rock star. I’m sure Christ would have liked nothing better than to just fade into obscurity and not take the path He was expected to take. As a matter of fact, He asked that the cup be taken from Him in the garden. However, He didn’t. It was probably the same reason that I don’t just take off. Responsibility. I can’t just leave those responsibilities behind. Especially those to my family. It’s hard sometimes but I have an obligation to my wife and children to be there for them. I may not be perfect, but I do my best.

It’s kind of comforting, in a way, that Jesus and I shared some of the same personality traits. I wonder if there were days when He just wished everyone would leave Him alone and just let Him be. It would be nice just to crawl into bed and just lie there and avoid the world for a few days. But reality intrudes. I am reminded of my two favorite parts of the Mass. The first is just before Communion. Lord, I am not worthy to receive you BUT ONLY SAY THE WORD AND I SHALL BE HEALED. The other is the Lamb of God. Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world. GRANT US PEACE. I think that says it all for me. Healing and peace. I need more of both.


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