Long Lost Brother

I did one of those google searches where you search on your name and see who shares it. I found another Vince Franco that claims to be "Drummer Extroidanire. He also has mad design skill. And mad linux skills. And always down plays all his work as if it didn't just blow your doors off." Now while I don't have those specific skills, being that I'm a guitar player and IT geek, this seems uncanny. And I too am a modest individual. How may modest mucisian IT geeks can there be with the same name? Can it be cooincidence? I think not. Of course, I'm sure I'm much better looking than my counterpart. The real question is which of us is the long lost evil twin? Hmmm. Interesting question to ponder. In case you're interested, here's his website:



Lois Lane said…
I found I had a long lost sister by doing the same. But, alas, she was a way cooler chick and hooked up with some guy who calls himself Superman. Looks like I'm "Ths Other Sister". (did you see that movie? the "other sister" was "special")
Lois Lane
P.S. I enjoy your blog.

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