Now for something completely different


After the last long, political post, I have to lighten thing up a bit. A quick, great, amusing, true story. I'm sure everyone's heard those great IT support stories, like where the person can't use their PC because the power's out but can't make the connection between the two. The support person tells the user to put the PC back in the box and ship it back sine they're too stupid to use one.

Well, I supervise a help desk for a medium sized company. We were moving personnel in a department to new desks as they were reorganizing thier groups. Everyone in the department has the same type of LCD monitor so we decided to only move the PCs as they users personal settings were on them. One person INSISTED that the monitor had to be moved with the PC. Why? Because all of her icons were on it. If she sat at a different desk with a different monitor, her icons wouldn't be there. My technician assured the user that her icons wouldn't be affected. She again INSISTED that since she could see the icons on the screen, they were part of the screen. After a few more tries, my technician had to use the old "Trust me" routine while the user looked at him skeptically.

As I'm sure most of you know, the monitor is just that, a dumb screen. All the settings are on the PC and you can plug it in to any monitor you want and it will be the same. I never did find out what the user thought after the move but I would have loved to ask her if the new monitor had her icons on it as well.

I'll throw out some other true stories from the IT battlefront from time to time.


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