Are you a man or woman?

Thanks again to THL for a great link. It analyzes writing and decides if you are male or female. This is the site. I entered 4 of my posts. The one before this came up female, the other 3 came up male. So I suppose that makes me 75% male? Perhaps I'm in touch with my feminine side. Chicks dig that, right? Doubt it would score me any points with the wife however. Emptying the dishwasher without a hint being thrown at me, now that would score points.


Lois Lane said…
There is nothing as sexy as a man doing dishes. Laundry, maybe helps too. ;)
Lois Lane
P.S. I swear your wife didn't not make me say that. :)
sydwynd said…
I can only do the dishes if she's not watching. Being a man, I can't do them correctly without proper supervision. Same thing with laundry. I always get knits and wovens confused.

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