Now for something completely different

I was going to post about my recent visit to a guitar shop (no, I didn't buy one) but instead I wanted to talk about my pleasant lunch today. I found out earlier this week that one of my co-workers was leaving to go to another employer. That's sad because I really like her. She's a little rough around the edges, but I don't mind that. She's also only 26 and has lived more in her short life than my wife and I combined. Which I'm not sure is good in someone so young.

Anyway, we went to a great BBQ place nearby. It was supposed to be a group lunch but one by one everyone cancelled until it was just the two of us. Mind you, I have no problem having lunch with an attractive young lady, and told her so. It was actually quite nice as since I changed roles I haven't seen her much. She talked a lot about why she was leaving, and I felt bad for her because her previous boss really screwed her over. That's a story I shan't tell here as it isn't mine to tell. But she's excited to go somewhere and spread her wings. Despite what she'd been told to her face, the bridges here were burned down for her and there was no repairing them. Quite unfortunate.

However it was great catching up with her. And now that she'll no longer be a co-worker, we can be friends. I have a strict rule of not making friends with people I work with since I'm in a supervisory position. It could get awkward. But now she won't be a co-worker so we can be cool!

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays this year. Not sure why but I'm in the spirit this year where as last year not so much. Not many plans this weekend other than schoolwork.


Jude said…
That's probably a good rule to have Vince, and I'm glad that now you can be friends. I hope she'll be much happier in her new job. :-)

Any Thanksgiving plans? I'll be putting my Christmas tree up in a week or two, and I've got most of my gift shopping done. Yay Christmas!
Kate said…
Smart boss you are! That was part of the problem with my job that I just resigned from. Boss was BFF's with a co-worker that decided I should be fired and then to make matters more conflicted her husband was my boss' boss. Can you say conflict of interest? Much better idea to keep things professional when working.
Jammie J. said…
Being friends with co-workers or bosses can be hard. For me, emotionally, since everyone will eventually move on to other places. Then, when time passes after job changes were made, you find out that your friendship was really based on work things and not a true friendship at all.

Better the other way, I think. Be friends *after* you've worked together. Then you know it's common interests, not common work.

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful... :)
sydwynd said…
Jude: No big plans, just quiet dinner with the family this year.

Kate: That stinks! I couldn't imagine doing that to someone that worked for me.

Jammie: It is tough when you get attached to co-workers. As a supervisor, I just don't have the luxury. It's burned me in the past. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!

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