Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has had a very happy Thanksgiving. We've had a very nice day. Big breakfast, football games, video games, and an excellent meal. We did a roasted chicken instead of a turkey since it was only 4 of us, but it worked out very nicely. All in all its been a quiet day, just like we wanted. Tomorrow we go out shopping, but not at the butt crack of dawn with all the other crazies. We'll get up when we want and get there when we get there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Jude said…
Chicken is deelish too! You've got the right idea about tomorrow, sleeping in will help to make the crowds easier to deal with. :-) Have a fun weekend!
Jammie J. said…
Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving, and you have something fun to look forward to tomorrow! :)
Kate said…
Happy Turkey day...glad you had a great one with your family. We were lucky to have an amazing day too!

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