Passing the test

It is written not to put the Lord, your God, to the test. However, it is not written to refrain from putting your boss to the test. After everything that's been going on, I was not sure I would get continued support for the company to reimburse me for graduate school classes. So last week, I sent the request in for fall semester, not sure what the result would be. Yesterday, I got an email from my boss telling me that I was not forgotten and that it was in process. This was the first time my boss had processed one of these requests and was making sure everything was in order before passing on to HR.

So it appears my boss passes. I take this to mean, at a minimum, my status has not gotten any worse, and perhaps has even improved slightly. I've recieved no additional negative feedback. However, I haven't recieved ANY feedback in a few weeks. Still, I'll assume no news is good news. I'm ever the optimist.


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