Mission Accomplished

I'm just now heading back home on the train from Schenectady. I spent an overnight there as part of my ongoing effort to be a better manager and actually meet with my staff more often. It was a productive trip. I got to work directly with my Schenectady staff and get some good face to face things done with my peers and counterparts.

However, the most successful part of the trip was last night. Some of my other Rochester compatriots were out here as well so we went out for dinner. They showed me one of the best Asian food places EVER! It was primarily Thai, though they had sushi as well (which I don't eat, but that's another story). The waitress was so good that she remembered what they drank and what the ordered the last time they were there. Which was Monday night. Which was the first time they'd ever eaten there. She was fabulous! And the meal I had was just heavenly. I know where I'm going to eat more often when I'm out there.

I also picked up a box of Italian pastries to bring home for the family. I've known of this place for a while but haven't visited there for a bit. For my treat, I got a chocolate canolli. It was a cannoli with chocolate filling AND dipped completely in chocolate. Can you see the angels and hear their heavenly hymn? It was that good.

Anyway, not much planned this weekend. If the weather is good Sunday, I'll probably do a round of golf as my Father's Day treat. Otherwise, the honeydo list awaits.


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